Happy Birthday to us…


    Today is March 14th, Por’ketta’s one year anniversary.  Wow what a year..we met incredible people who all over central Ohio and beyond, we’ve served a lot of our slow roasted porchetta and rotisserie chicken.  We have learned the ins and outs of the food truck business, like no stories or manuals could have prepared us for. We have been there for your lunch,  your dinner and even your special occasions.
     We are closer as a family today because of our commitment to our business and each other. We look forward to this second year with much enthusiasm and vigor, as there are some exciting new prospects on the immediate horizon.
    Thank you everyone who has been our midnight counsel, adviser, friend and promoter. All those who come to the truck on a weekly basis.  All those folks who we know on a first name basis, who were strangers a moment before…thank you a thousand times and the Best is yet to come…

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