Ohio Proud


We are excited to announce and honored to announce our official move to non GMO, pasture raised chicken and eggs. The farm we choose to partner with is Covey Rise Farms, run by Charlie Payne and family in Radnor  Ohio, roughly forty minutes from Columbus.
   We knew our pork was from Ohio and told our chicken was,  but could not confirm. It could have come from Alabama,  Georgia or North Carolina for we knew.  The one thing we knew for certain was that we had to know for certain.  Now we know and guests to our truck know. Local, GMO free, pasture and humanely raised in Radnor Ohio. Farmed and raised by Charlie Payne and family. .yes we know our farmer. Doing the right thing isn’t always easy, logistically and financially, but you’ll agree in the superior flavor of chicken and eggs we will be offering on Por’ketta starting beginning of June.

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