Blackberry Smoke…

The Blackberry Smoke… smoked chicken, double smoked bacon, blackberry jalapeno honey BBQ sauce, pepper jack cheese, and broccoli slaw on a @matija_breads ciabatta roll…#forkresponsibly #foodtruckmafia @streetfoodfindercbus/Por’ketta
Blackberry Smoke

Together we will…

The new normal…masked for our mutual protection, gloves, sanitizer, bleach based cleaning cones every six feet to observe social distancing, wiping/sanitizing the square after every transaction and encouraging online ordering/paying to minimize time around other people. We serve all food in closed sealed containers. Want us in your neighborhood please email me at

Coming to a neighborhood near you….

It’s been a crazy week, inside of a crazy month. The world has had to adjust and focus on health and new precautions as Covid-19 runs it’s course.

For those of us in the food and beverage industry, we’ve seen our whole way of life evaporate, with State and federal government mandated shutdowns and new rules on gathering and social distancing.

As a food truck, we have had to change our model. We’ve added online ordering through Street Food Finder, no more than ten people in line, sanitizer on the counter, wiping down the register between every transaction, our guests standing six feet apart and so on…and the biggest change instead of you coming to us at an event, festival, taproom, office, concert or park..we will be coming to you. Coming to your neighborhoods in a series of pop ups. Because while this is the safest way to serve you and your families.

Want us to come to your housing development or apartment or condo complex email us at We are all in this together, and we’ll make it through only by working together, taking care of yourselves each other and respecting each other.

Want us in your neighborhood email us at or call 614.570.1107 and leave us a message.
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…And this too shall pass

Changing, rearranging, trying to find a new normal in a new world. We are currently regrouping just as many families and businesses currently are I suppose. We are setting up online ordering, looking for a spot for a spot to set up, and serve in carryout mode.I’ll keep y’all posted ….and this too shall pass, take care of each other and yourselves. WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS TOGETHER!

Strong together..

To all my family, friends and  brothers & sisters I’ve never met, who work or have worked in restaurants, bars, hotels, food trucks and every area in the hospitality field…I feel your pain and it’s real, but we’ve always taken the beating and come back for more…stay strong and don’t be afraid to ask for help