….it was all just a dream 

I absolutely love mornings like this, cool breeze,  light clouds and us doing a Farmer’s in Westgate. Individual producers, farmers, craftsman and food trucks…working hand in hand with the community. Couples, families, and folks with their  dogs walking, and talking with their neighbors. Life is good 

Ohio Proud


We are excited to announce and honored to announce our official move to non GMO, pasture raised chicken and eggs. The farm we choose to partner with is Covey Rise Farms, run by Charlie Payne and family in Radnor  Ohio, roughly forty minutes from Columbus.
   We knew our pork was from Ohio and told our chicken was,  but could not confirm. It could have come from Alabama,  Georgia or North Carolina for we knew.  The one thing we knew for certain was that we had to know for certain.  Now we know and guests to our truck know. Local, GMO free, pasture and humanely raised in Radnor Ohio. Farmed and raised by Charlie Payne and family. .yes we know our farmer. Doing the right thing isn’t always easy, logistically and financially, but you’ll agree in the superior flavor of chicken and eggs we will be offering on Por’ketta starting beginning of June.

Our favorite type of event



Out of all the different types of events we do for people, I would have to say my favorite is the wedding. It is the official start of a couple’s life together in the eyes of their maker and their friends & family. This is when we operate at our highest level. The food and the service have to be perfect or at least nearing that level. You do not want to be the vendor or purveyor that comes up short on such a day. This is our goal for every party , event or special occasion we do. Let us stress so you don’t have too. Call us today at 614-570-1107, or email us at porkettacbus@gmail.com. ….let’s make some great memories .


Call now, let’s celebrate together


Times are busy, is there a graduation sneaking up on you, call Por’ketta.  Is your wedding reception coming up quickly,  you want a food truck , but it’s starting to get to be too late, they’re booked up. Call Por’ketta we might have a weekend open, they’re are a few left.
Give us a call at 614-570-1107 or email at porkettacbus@gmail.com, let’s put a party together .

A few weekends left


We have a few weekends left for Graduation parties or summer weddings. Reward yourself and let us take care of the food for your celebration, hurry the weekend slots are filling up fast. Call at 614.570.1107 or email us at porkettacbus@gmail.com. Let us help you make a great event even better.

Happy Birthday to us…


    Today is March 14th, Por’ketta’s one year anniversary.  Wow what a year..we met incredible people who all over central Ohio and beyond, we’ve served a lot of our slow roasted porchetta and rotisserie chicken.  We have learned the ins and outs of the food truck business, like no stories or manuals could have prepared us for. We have been there for your lunch,  your dinner and even your special occasions.
     We are closer as a family today because of our commitment to our business and each other. We look forward to this second year with much enthusiasm and vigor, as there are some exciting new prospects on the immediate horizon.
    Thank you everyone who has been our midnight counsel, adviser, friend and promoter. All those who come to the truck on a weekly basis.  All those folks who we know on a first name basis, who were strangers a moment before…thank you a thousand times and the Best is yet to come…

Back at it

The weather has been mostly kind, this first week back into the food truck season. We have seen old friends and made many new ones. I can’t wait to see  what this season holds. How can we be a part of your story…weekends are filling up fast with Graduation parties, Weddings and festival invitations.  Call today at 614.570.1107 or email us at porkettacbus@gmail.com

Thank you all for a great season

Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped make this a great first year for Por’Ketta. We met a lot of great people, served a lot great food to people who truly seek something different. We met other crafters who doing it the right way…..Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We will see you again in late February…time to recharge the batteries, travel a bit and get ready for the next season




the crew