There is still time….

Our chef is busy with the Por’Ketta Food Truck, private parties, and catering holiday events. He informs us that he can do a few more…you’ve decorated the tree, shopped and worked hard…let Por’Ketta take care of your last minute holiday party needs. Call at 614.570.1107 or email at…hurry it will be New Year’s before you know it.

Book your Holiday party now….

Book your Holiday party and get togethers early…days are getting shorter and prime slots are filling up…give us a call and let us help you craft the perfect gathering…with the truck or without. Call today 614.570.1107 or email let’s get this party started

Catering of all types

No room for the Por’Ketta truck at your home or office, no worries…we can cater to your office, home, workplace or event space without the truck….same great food & favorites. Holiday parties, work or family gatherings.  call today at 614.570.1107 or email at

Change in the air

We are back on the road folks, and accepting new business, book your office or gatherings, fall parties, tailgating parties, weddings, receptions, holiday parties and gatherings… many occasions. We can bring the truck or cater at your facility call us now 614.570.1107 or email us at today

The waiting is over….

Starting now and running up as late as early October, Ohio grown tomatoes are here. Showing up in our neighborhood gardens, farm markets and roadside stands. All shapes and colors…this is my favorite time of the season. What will you make? Salsa, marinara, toast and tomato sandwich or fresh out of the garden with a little salt……

Meet a local farmer

This is Rob, owner/operator of Redde Hedde Farms. Rob grows all kinds of great produce, unique produce. The greatest thing about knowing your farmer is that ultimately they get to know you back. This creates a great working relationship. So great in fact that they will start to growing unique and hard to find items just for you. Take a few moments to get to know the person responsible for growing of your produce, raising of animals and eggs, honey, cheese and on and on. He or she is an important part of your life.

Restoring the Soul

When you cook for a living, it grinds on the soul. Selling your work over and over makes the process less special, less pure. 

My daughter Allie had a great idea for a belated birthday dinner. She wanted Salmon en Croute after she had seen in a cookbook. So we made the whole thing a learning fun experience. My wife, my children and my grandchildren all got our hands dirty, talking, laughing and tasting our simple dinner on Salmon en Phyllo, roasted potatoes, mixed green salad and a baguette. All participated and most enjoyed….a little fussy for the younger ones. Objective was to have fun, make and have a meal together…mission accomplished.